Do you really know about computer program?

Elements of a program:

  1. Input: Getting data and commands into the computer.
  2. Output: Getting your result out of the computer.
  3. Looping and conditionals: Testing to see if a condition is true or false, and cycling through a set of instructions until conditions is met.
  4. Mathematical operations(arithmetic operations): Performing mathematical calculations on your data.
  5. Variables and data structure: Storing information, which may change over time.
  1. High-Level programming languages
  2. Low-Level programming languages
  1. C
  2. C#
  3. C++
  4. Java
  5. Ruby
  7. Python
  8. SQL
  10. Lips
  11. Pascal
  12. Assembly language
  13. Objective-C
  14. Prolog
  15. Julia
  16. Haskell
  17. Kotlin
  18. Swift
  19. HTML 5
  20. JavaScript
  21. Shell
  22. R
  23. Typescript
  24. Scala
  25. CSS
  26. PHP
  27. ASP.NET
  28. Ruby
  29. SQL
  30. XML

Characteristics of a programming language-

  • A programming language must be simple, easy to learn and use, have good readability, and be human recognizable.
  • Abstraction is a must-have Characteristics for a programming language in which the ability to define the complex structure and then its degree of usability comes.
  • A portable programming language is always preferred.
  • Programming language’s efficiency must be high so that it can be easily converted into a machine code and executed consumes little space in memory.
  • A programming language should be well structured and documented so that it is suitable for application development.
  • Necessary tools for the development, debugging, testing, maintenance of a program must be provided by a programming language.
  • A programming language should provide a single environment known as Integrated Development Environment(IDE).
  • A programming language must be consistent in terms of syntax and semantics.

Hierarchy of programming language:



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